$19.99 $39.99 -51% OFF


$19.99 $39.99 -51% OFF
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Introducing the New and Improved Reusable Fresh Keeping Bags - Say Goodbye to Disposable Plastic Wrap!

Now Thicker and More Durable 🌍🍎

Our reusable food storage covers have been upgraded to provide enhanced quality and protection for your dishes. Say goodbye to disposable plastic wrap and opt for a more eco-friendly solution. These reusable food covers are a must-have addition to your kitchen gadgets, offering convenience and sustainability in one.

🚫 Dust-Proof, Bug-Proof, and Odor-Proof

Protect your food like never before! Our reusable fresh keeping bags create a reliable barrier against dust, bugs, and unwanted odors. Keep your food fresh and free from contamination, allowing you to enjoy every bite with confidence.


 Stretchable Covers for Versatile Use

With their stretchable design, these covers offer great convenience as one size fits many. Quickly cover and store your leftovers, picnic snacks, or BBQ dishes without the need to remove the covers. Whether you're storing leftovers or prepping for a picnic, these covers are perfect for the job.

 Ideal for Outings and Outdoor Meals

Planning a picnic or a family meal outdoors? Our reusable covers are your perfect companion. Keep pesky bugs away from your food while you're setting up, prepping, and plating. These covers are also a great addition to your camping supplies, ensuring your food stays fresh and bug-free.

✅ Perfect for Holidays and Gatherings

Make sure no food goes to waste during big events and celebrations. Our reusable covers are perfect for sharing with friends and family, allowing you to store and preserve leftovers with ease. They are faster to use than traditional plastic wrap, keeping your food fresher for longer and ensuring you can enjoy delicious meals even after the festivities.

✅ Reusable and Safe Materials:

Our food covers are made of food-grade transparent clean PE, ensuring they are safe to use and resistant to tearing for long-lasting durability. The latex elastic band provides a tight elastic seal, keeping your food fresh for extended periods.


  • Weight: 100g
  • Material: Food Grade Transparent Clean PE


  • 200 PCS Fresh Keeping Bags

Make a sustainable choice for your food storage needs with our Reusable Fresh Keeping Bags. Upgrade your kitchen essentials and join the eco-friendly movement today.  

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